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Storage area of the corks:

  • A clean, well-aired area, no contact with bad smells, dust or external contamination.

Storage conditions of the corks:

  • T° of 15°C to 25°C in order to preserve, in particular, the surface treatment of the body and the sticking capacity of the glue.
  • RH between 40% and 65%. Too dry an atmosphere may make the corks brittle.
  • Excessive humidity will result in the appearance of mould and make it easier for undesirable tastes to develop.

Duration of storage for optimal use :

  • 6 months after the date of despatch, subject to respecting the storage conditions mentioned above. Beyond that, the efficiency of the surface treatment (paraffin or silicone) may be impaired.

Expansion chamber:

  • Choose the glass carefully and make sure that you have an expansion chamber of 3,5% after corking in order to limit the risks of the cork rising back up, leaks, or a deterioration in the body…
  • Also pay attention to the position of the expansioin chamber which, if it is horizontal, will make contact between the liquid and the body easier, a possible source of problems.

Delay before uncorking for the first time:

  • 24 h so as not to cause breaking the cork.

Storing and transporting the bottles :

  • Always store and transport your bottles in an upright position (including when they are with your traders or distributors) and always prefer storage areas with the least exposure to heat.

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