‚ÄčGeneral Specificatons 

Item : crown

Print : as requested by the customer

Size : inner diam. 26,75 mm accord. DIN 6099

Material : made of tinplate or tinfree steel according EN10202

Thickness : 0,22 mm              

Profiles : SACMI 916 or 923


            ETPS = Electrolytic Tin-Plate Steel = bright / glänzend

            ECCS (= TFS) = Elextrolytic Chromium Coated Steel (= Tin-Free Steel) = matt

Execution : according to STLB-type A, DIN 6099 and internal qualtity regulations.

Compound : following compounds (all PVC- and nonylphenol-free) are available

standard compound for beer (white)

O² absorbing compound (white)

standard compound for water (transparent)

lacquer : inside adhesive lacquer

outside as requested by the customer

print : outside as requested by the customer

packing: following ways of packing are available

in cartons of 10.000 pcs. / 24 cartons on a pallet 100 x 120

in Octabin container of 370.000 pcs., 100 x 120

in returnable steel box Container of 360.000 pcs., 100 x 120

Standard colors

safe, hygienic, recyclable

As closure for beverage bottles, the crown cap is an unrivaled product. It is economical to produce, it closes safely and hygienically, it is to be personalized and after opening it can be recycled.

We produce and supply crown caps to DIN 6099 standards, with the diameter 26,75 mm, tinned and chromed tinplate. The compound is stamped with Sacmi-profile 916 or 923.



tinned (glänzend)

chromed tinplate  (matt)




Through a variety of measurement and control systems, as well as our trained staff the highest quality is guaranteed.

DKF is certified according to FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Certification) including HACCP.


Minimum delivery quantity:

 Standard colours (+ 1-colour imprint) = 240.000 pcs.

 Colour outside the standard colours = 240.000 - 480.000 pcs.

 Prints inside (static)  = from 1 Mio. pcs.



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