Consultants in packaging

Axaglass is a leading company, specialized in the Glass container packaging

with additional added value on

  • closures
  • one way kegs 
  • bottle equipment

Glass bottles

Bottles for beer, soft drinks & spirits

Bottles for food, oils & aromas

Bottles for still & sparkling beverages

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Glass jars

Glass jars for food and other  usages

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Dolium one-way PET kegs

20L & 30L kegs

Standard & Slim line

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Crown caps

Aluminium caps

Twist off



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Small & medium sized bottling lines for beverages


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  • Collega gezocht

    AXA-GLASS is volop op zoek naar een full-time intern Sales Support

    Je capaciteiten:

    • ​​beheer in woord en schrift van het Nederlands, Frans, Engels en/of Duits
    • administratief sterk
    • stress bestendig
    • service gericht
    • zelfstandig als in team kunnen werken
    • flexibel
    • interesse en wens om zich te verdiepen in het product en sector

    ​Je Taken

    • order verwerking en opvolging
    • algemene administratie
    • transport opvolging
    • product en klant analyse

    iets voor jou, aarzel niet contact op te nemen met Christophe.Bossut

  • Dolium new prices

    The demande of one way kegs like the one way DOLIUM pet kegs is continous  growing.  today Dolium is used and filled over more then 30 countries...

    The last 2 years we managed to keep fixe price.  Today we are not able anymore to maintain this price and need to increase.  The increase is caused due to the higher production and raw material costs. 

    The new Dolium prices will be charged for all new orders and deliveries starting 1 june 2017

    we changed form 1 fix ex-work price to a fix ex-work price for the 20 L and one for the 30 L Dolium pet keg.

    ​detailed quote on demand.



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